Core Readership

The Irish Echo’s core readership is drawn from the Irish expat community.

There are approximately 100,000 Irish expats living permanently in Australia.

Of these, approximately 25 per cent are from Northern Ireland.

The newspaper’s distribution maps the Australian census data for Irish nationals.

Over 50 per cent live in New South Wales, 22 per cent in Victoria, 15 per cent in both Western Australia and Queensland and small numbers elsewhere.

Irish expats are high earners. The 2011 Census revealed that the Irish are the highest-earning Europeans in Australia, when income was assessed by place of birth.

Temporary Residents

In recent years, there have been as many as 30,000 young Irish workers temporarily resident in Australia at any one time.

This group includes both backpackers and highly-skilled sponsored workers on 457 visas.

Irish Australians

There are as many as six million Australians of Irish heritage.

Most draw their Irishness from their great-grandparents, who arrived in massive numbers from the end of the Famine (1850) to the turn of the century.

Almost two million Australians have at least one Irish grandparent.

Advertising Overview

The Irish Echo provides advertisers with a variety of advertising options.

Print Edition

The Irish Echo print edition will be published monthly from July 2015.

It is the only newspaper serving Australia’s expanding Irish expat community.

Advertising Options

The Irish Echo print edition is a perfect place to advertise for those looking to target Irish expats in Australia and those interested in their Irish culture and heritage.

Apart from our commercial rates, we offer not-for-profit rates (50% off) to community groups.

To download our advertising rates, click here

Online Advertising

The Irish Echo website is the number one online destination for Irish Australia.

This new site is a portal for Irish Australian content on the web.

We offer a variety of ad banners starting from $50CPM (that’s $50 per 1,000 impressions for your ad).

Irish In E-newsletters

We publish localised eNewsletters for the Irish in Australia’s largest cities.

These contain a mix of local news and sport as well as details of what’s on in your area.

For more details on Irish In Perth, click here.

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