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March 16, 2016 • Arts & Entertainment, Local, News,


Anthony Martin


Irishman Anthony Martin is setting Australian women’s hearts a-flutter on Channel Seven show First Dates. They love his accent. Twitter went wild. But the first date, with 30-year-old Bex Coddington, was a bust.

Martin, 29, didn’t think he was compatible with the 30-year-old fashion store manager, so no second date. Except this is reality TV, so of course there is a second date, just with another woman.

Will Davina Rankin be more to the liking of Martin, who has a law degree but works as a demolition operator? You can find out on Channel Seven on Wednesday, March 16. He could have a new girlfriend in time for St Patrick’s Day (apart from the fact the show was filmed months ago).

As for why a handsome construction worker/lawyer such as himself is still single anyway, Martin said: “In all the relationships I’ve had there were many factors that broke us up but I guess the one thing that was always consistent was that I just wasn’t ready and maybe I was a bit distant at times.”

The televised failure of his date with Coddington was a piece of cake compared to his worst date ever, which was with a girl he met in Canada. “We only briefly met before I ended up leaving and moving to Australia. We kept in contact via messages, sending videos and pictures. Somehow after about eight months, I convinced her to come to Australia on her holiday to meet me.

No spark on the first date between Bex and Anthony

The first date with Bex was a bit of a bust…

“So when she landed I picked her up at the airport in Cairns and went back to mine so she could freshen up. I had booked a day of Bungy jumping thinking it would be a nice exciting date for the two of us. As we were about to leave, my friend walked in asking if he could join us. Before I could say no, she said she was happy about it. I ended up spending the whole night listening to them two talking and me just trying to join into the conversation every now and again.

“She was meant to be staying at mine for the two weeks but after a few days of the most awkward moments she ended up leaving and finding a hostel. Needless to say that didn’t work out so well.”

A tip for Rankin, if she’s reading, Martin is looking for “someone who’s up for a laugh, someone who enjoys the random things in life and can go with the flow”.



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