Australia and Me: Nicole McCann

April 15, 2015 • Local, Queensland,

Nicola, husband Francis and daughters Mia and Katie.

Nicola, husband Francis and daughters Mia and Katie.

Where in Ireland are you from?

Coalisland, Co.Tyrone.

How long have you been in Australia?

My husband Francis has been in Australia since March 2011. Our daughters and I joined Francis in June 2012. We live in Townsville, Queensland.

What brought you here?

It was my dream to travel to Australia. We had decided after our wedding [in 2009] that we would have Christmas and New Year at home and then go in early 2010. Our plans changed when we found out I was expecting and due in July. As an only girl in my house, and as this was going to be the first grandchild, our plans got scrapped. Work got really really bad at home and we always wondered, what if? One Sunday evening in January 2011, Francis was cleaning up on a job and came across a newspaper and in it was an article looking for Irish electricians to work in Australia. The closing date was the following day for all applications. We spent ages doing up a CV and emailed it off. A week later Francis had an interview and the following week found out he got the job. He had a few weeks to get ready to leave. Francis left on March 5, 2011. What brought me here was the need to keep our family together.

Describe your career path.

Francis is an electrician, and I’m a stay at home mother.  I also do nightfill/cashier work at the local supermarket.

Best things about living in Australia?

The best things about Australia is the lifestyle: the weather is amazing, outdoor-living, kids are barely inside, no colds or asthma. The friends we have made. Our list grows all the time.

Worst things about living in Australia?

Of course the worst is missing our family and friends back home, missing out on birthdays, outings, functions, Christmas. People find it hard to understand us sometimes. The difficulty and the cost to fly home to Ireland for us four [is prohibitive].

What, if anything, do you miss about Ireland?

We miss our dear family, friends, our local hurling club, the smell in the air, the bright green fields, our local restaurants and takeaways.

Have you ever considered moving back to Ireland?

The want is always there but it  is not justifiable just yet with the way work is back home. When the time comes, we will weigh up our options and decide what is best for our family. Our eldest has started kindy so it’ll be harder to move. The girls are so well settled here, it’s wonderful.



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