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April 12, 2015 • Local, Victoria,

This week the Irish Echo caught up with Kevin Cassidy, originally from Co Derry but now living in Melbourne.

This week the Irish Echo caught up with Kevin Cassidy, originally from Co Derry but now living in Melbourne.

Where are you from in Ireland? 

Magherafelt, Co. Derry.

How long have you been in Australia? 

I moved to Australia in January 2013. I travelled for about six weeks before returning to Melbourne where I secured a full-time job.

What brought you here? 

My parents lived in Australia for almost five years before I was born, therefore Australia was always a country I was interested in travelling to. During the recession in Ireland, my interest became much stronger. Although I had a very good job which I thoroughly I enjoyed I nonetheless made the tough decision to fulfil my dream of leaving Ireland and living in Australia. As my parents became Australian citizens before returning to Ireland, I was able to obtain citizenship before arriving in Australia.

Describe your career path.

In 2007 I completed an RICS accredited Bachelor of Science degree in property investment and development. I managed a diversified property portfolio in the UK. I then moved into the residential development market, taking up the role of property development manager for one of Northern Ireland’s largest housing developers during one of the worst global recessions. Soon after arriving here in late 2012, I got a job with a leading real estate company in Melbourne. Recently, my business partner and I founded HKC Property Consultants.

Best things about living in Australia? 

Well, as the results show Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world and so I love many things about it, but in particular it would be the abundance of world-class sporting events, the cultural European feel of the city. The weather, although not the best, is still a vast improvement on Ireland. Everything that could be wanted is in Melbourne or nearby. There is some amazing scenery in Victoria; you can even go skiing in the winter. All of these things make it a great place for me to live in.

Worst things about living in Australia?

It has to be the distance from Ireland and my family. With Facebook, whatsapp and Skype nowadays, communicating with loved ones at home is much easier and the distance doesn’t feel just as bad. But it’s expensive to fly back home at special times of the year, a long journey and requires a decent amount of annual leave to be used to make the trip worthwhile. If you could place Melbourne closer to Ireland it would be perfect!

What, if anything, do you miss about Ireland? 

Of course my family and friends, but within Ireland itself I would have to say the GAA.



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