Trio vie for ‘best jobs in the world’

May 8, 2013 • Local, News,

Irishman Allan Dixon is in the running for one of Tourism Australia's 'dream jobs'

Arklow native Allan Dixon is down to the final 25 for a job as an ‘Outback Adventurer’.

Three young Irishmen are in the running for the “Best Jobs in the World” showdown – after fending off almost 350,000 other hopefuls.

Richard Cullen, Heber Hanly and Allan Dixon are among 150 adventurers hoping to land one of six dream jobs in the Tourism Australia competition.

Richard and Heber are up against each other for the role of Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne and Allan is in the running for the Outback Adventurer job in the Northern Territory.

Richard, 25, is from Roundwood, Co Wicklow, and hopes his background in multimedia helps him land his dream job in Melbourne, where he is based.

“I have a degree in multimedia so I put a good video together. I’m enthusiastic about it. I’m lucky in a way as the standard is exceptional,” he said.

“I kept it short and snappy. You are only given 30 seconds to make an impact so I threw in loads of clips of me travelling from Ireland, through Dubai and Australia. It shows that I’m used to filming and taking photos.

“It would be incredible to get it. I was trying to get work in Ireland but I couldn’t get anything. I couldn’t get a foot in the door. This would be an excellent way to get great experience.

“I’m excited. I would be willing to work extremely hard and I think I’d be good for it.”

Richard arrived in Australia just before St Patrick’s Day last year and had an amazing experience working on a ranch in Northern Queensland.

“I started in Sydney working there, I went up the coast travelling and I worked on a 350,000 acre farm in Northern Queensland. I was feeding 2000 cattle on my own, 12 hours a day in 40 degrees heat so it was a bit different from Wicklow.”

Heber and Allan live in Ireland. Allan, 26, a technology film producer from Arklow, Co Wicklow, is down to the final 25 for the Outback Adventurer job.

“It sounded like such a great competition and I knew I could make a great video and story using the footage I had filmed over the past year. Exploring and filming are a hobby of mine, so being paid to travel to tell stories that inspire would be a dream. I only started making the video on the second last day of entries and got it in that evening,” he said.

“I’ve been filming since I was 12, me and my friends skateboarding around Arklow. Since then it’s been a hobby and I’ve always been trying to film my adventures and show people there’s a big world out there.

“I was pretty surprised to hear back, it’s a great feeling when something pays off, to get so far into a competition with so many entries. To be in the top 25 when 45,000 people applied for the job is an amazing feeling.”

All the shortlisted candidates will be asked to provide job references and if they are successful they will be invited to Australia for a final assessment in mid-June and the winners will be announced on June 21.

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