Plans for Irish walk to honour Jill Meagher

October 4, 2012 • Local, News, Victoria,

Former schoolmates of the late Ms Meagher will walk through Drogheda on October 21.

A walk in honour of Jill Meagher will be held in Drogheda later this month.

The Irish Times reports that Ms Meagher’s former schoolmates in Drogheda have taken inspiration from the huge peace march held in Melbourne on September 29.

Joan Farrell, who also attended St Oliver’s Community College in Drogheda, told the paper that the march is a show of support.

“We want her family in Australia as well as her family in Ireland to know they have our support and that we will never forget her,” said Ms Farrell, who met Ms Meagher during their transition year at St Oliver’s Community College.

Organisers are planning a kilometre walk from the gates of the school, with hopes that they may be able to release a large number of balloons in a park near the river Boyne.

It’s expected to take place on October 21.

Ms Meagher’s body was discovered in a shallow grave on September 28, days after she went missing following a night out with work colleagues in Melbourne.

Her family will hold a private funeral service tomorrow morning in Melbourne, where her remains will be cremated, before being taken to Perth.

In a statement released today, they have asked for privacy.

“We cannot begin to convey the overwhelming feelings of grief, sadness and sorrow at the loss of our beloved Jill, who was taken from us on the 22nd of September. We love and miss her deeply,” the statement said.

“We would like to sincerely thank the public for their support, condolences and concern.

“We understand your interest and that many of you are grieving with us, however we also request that you allow us, our family and Jill’s friends, time to grieve the loss of our beautiful wife, daughter and friend in privacy at this highly emotional time.”

It added: “Jill’s funeral on Friday will be a private funeral, and a time for our family and friends to remember Jill and to say goodbye.

“We ask the community to please respect our wishes and refrain from attending the funeral service.”

They said floral tributes can be sent to Tobin Brothers Funerals, 189 Boundary Road, North Melbourne.

There will be a public service in Drogheda tomorrow night, to be held at St Peter’s Church on West Street.

This week, Facebook acceded to a request from the Victorian police to remove a number of vitriolic pages targetting the man charged with Ms Meagher’s rape and murder.

Police had for days been seeking to have the pages pulled down for fears they could jeopardise the right to a fair trial.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Ken Lay had previously revealed his concern about the social media content.

“Though social media’s been enormously helpful in this investigation, it’s also been very, very difficult and we had cause to speak to Facebook over the weekend and ask them to take a particular site down,” he said.

“Now, they’ve refused to do that. We’ve all got a social responsibility. Facebook is part of our community and I would have thought that it would have only been reasonable.”

Tomorrow, Australia’s Attorneys-General will meet in Brisbane to discuss the issues posed by social media in the context of fair trials.




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